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Chocolate and greens February 22, 2009

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Last night I stayed up far too late watching Project Runway Canada and had two tasty snacks while doing so.

First, there was some bread slathered in tahini topped with honey dates.  I was sad to discover when I opened the bag of bread that one whole loaf (about the size of a sub roll) was starting to go moldy (I made 3 loaves last weekend).  So I cut off all the crusts and ended up with some very square pieces.  They still tasted good though.  I need to remember next time to put some bread in the freezer since my roommate and I don’t eat it very quickly.


I topped of the night with some chocolaty treats.  A piece of Earl Grey chocolate and a Caramel Nut Brownie Luna bar.  I had never had this flavour bar before and was pleasantly surprised by the layer of caramel on top, very good.


This morning for breakfast I finished off the bread, spreading it part with hummus, and part with strawberry, blackberry, acai jam.


I also mixed up a thick berry-licious smoothie using silken tofu and blueberries.



For lunch I had a big steaming bowl of chili paste and pumpkin spicy spinach soup topped with extra firm tofu cubes that were sauteed in olive oil and cinnamon.


Unfortunately the tofu cubes sank before I could take a picture.  But I really enjoyed their cinnamony crusts.


The smooth soup was enjoyed with some crunchy Sahale Snacks Ksar Pistachios.  So good, especially because I love pumpkin seeds, perfectly sweet with a hint of spice and chewy fig chunks.


After a few hours of Mario Party Wii fun with the roomie I had a hot cup of tea with half a Carrot Cake Clif bar.


Now I need to think about coming up with something for dinner before the Oscars start.  Don’t want to miss the red carpet….


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