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Future Flowers February 28, 2009

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Am I horribly geeky to admit that I was really excited this afternoon after I recieved my first comments on my blog?  Because I was.  Thank you so much.  I figured it might happen after my BSI entry, but it’s nice to know I’m not just typing to myself.

I had another reason to be happy this afternoon when I noticed that my easter lily cactus looks like its about to flower for the first time.  I got it almost five years ago at a family renunion.  It was a cutting from a cactus that used to belong to my great great aunt (who I remember visiting very often when I was little).  Now my plant has shoots that are ready for cutting itself, though the internet told me not to actually cut them off until spring.


Please ignore the not so alive herbs in the background, I have intentions of replanting them when I lay my hands on some decent potting soil.  Also ignore the fact that the cactus has never managed to stand up by itself, it’s just a bit lazy.  Instead, admire the “I think it’s going to be a flower” bud.


Anyway,  I snacked on some cereal this afternoon, Nature’s Path Kamut Puffs and Kashi GoLean, with some dried cranberries and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze.


For dinner I had the leftover splitpea soup I made last night.  It ended up being really good after I added half a Kallo Vegetable stock cube (really good) and a couple sprinkles of salt to the pot (and still ended up with way less sodium than if the mix and boullion weren’t low/no sodium).  I was far too amused by the alphabet pasta, I don’t think I’ve ever actually had it before.


And dessert was a sweet bowl of banana slices, pumpkin seeds, and a spoonful of freshly food processor-ized raw almond butter.  I mashed everything up after the picture to make a sort of pudding, yummy.



3 Responses to “Future Flowers”

  1. cleanveggiex3 Says:

    your photography is gorgeous!

    love the eats 🙂

  2. plentifulplants Says:

    Really? Thanks! I’ve been lamenting the fact that I only get sunlight for photos on the weekend, and the fact that my kitchen (which isn’t very pretty to begin with) doesn’t even get much light then so so many of my pictures end up yellowish.

  3. Hey Ruth,

    A few things:

    1) I admire you for being able to keep at least one plant alive. My roommate and I have managed to kill all of ours, although our fish is still alive…

    2) I really admire your weight loss efforts, your positive attitude and your quest to eat healthy food. I’m an intern at a company called springpad that has all kinds of cool online notebooks and organizational tools I think you’d be into. My favorites are the weekly meal planner, where you can input recipes and plan out your meals for the entire week. They also have a calorie tracker that you might be interested.

    3) I love your photography!

    Have a great Sunday!

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