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Two times the bran March 1, 2009

This morning started out with some new breakfast excitement.  I made a bowl of oatbran!  And it is wonderful, it might just replace my love of steel cut oats (though I still have a whole bag of those so I’ll be alternating for a while).  I made the bowl in the microwave with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and water.  I wanted to test the microwave to see if I could quickly make them on week day mornings, which apparently I can.  I topped the bowl with simple but delicious almond butter, homemade mascarpone brown sugar ice cream, and a few raisins.


For lunch I had half a giant Fuji apple, collard greens with hummus, and some basa fish baked with herbs and lemon (really good!)




I met up with a friend this afternoon, and among other things, we saw Slumdog Millionaire, excellent movie.  At the movie I dug into a Black Cherry Almond Clif Bar and one of the best ever green tea candies.  Here’s the proof.


I eventully came home to make dinner, which I had been working on in stages throughout the day.  Unfortunately, I kinda failed…  It tastes great, but it didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to.  I attempted to make Kath and Matt’s awesome whole wheat pizza crust. The only thing I changed about the recipe was I added half a cup of wheat bran to the biga, and I don’t think that would have changed anything. Where I think I went wrong was spreading the dough out too thinly for the final crust…and I just ended up with very tasty flat bread, one a pizza, and the other half as plain flatbread. So I’m going to have to try the recipe out again, leave out the bran, and make only one thick pizza instead of two thin flatbreads.


Any way, I topped the pizza with Big Bull Steak Sauce, sauteed onion, mushrooms, and asparagus, and the other half of lunch’s Fuji apple.


Then I paired half the pizza with some salad made of grated carrots, Goddess Dressing, and raisins.


It was a good dinner, it just wasn’t what it was supposed to be…

Now I’m going to make some lunch for tomorrow, and relax with the copy of Clean Eating magazine I finally caved in and bought. I signed up for a subscription in early January, and was hoping to get the current issue in the mail, but it hasn’t come yet so I figure the subscription will start with the next issue…


One Response to “Two times the bran”

  1. Annie Says:

    oatbran is my fav.

    you’d think they could squeeze another letter in STUDNT to appease people like me. haha

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