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Quichesque March 9, 2009

Ugh.  That’s how I felt about the weather this morning.  First, when I left for work this morning it was DARK, cold and rainy.  Then when I got to work, it was SNOWING…seemingly for quite a while, I was not impressed.  Gotta love the lake effect sheltering downtown.  I also managed to be rather sluggish getting up this morning due to time shift and discovering the amazingness that is The Mentalist on TV last night.  Which meant I got to the subway station about 3 minutes later than usual, which coupled with the fact that the train stopped mysteriously in tunnels a few times, caused me to just miss my bus.  Then the next bus was late arriving, and slow going due to the snow.  And I got to work 10 minutes late (not that anybody cared), which doesn’t seem so bad, except that I usually arrive 15 minutes early, so my trip was actually 33% longer than usual.

But enough with the complaining, let’s get to the fun part of the agenda.  Breakfast, because I was trying to be quick was a Toasted Nuts ‘N Cranberry Luna bar.  Very fast and tasty, as was expected.


Lunch part 1 was a container of veggies with some almond hummus.  In the mix was a carrot, lots of celery, some red pepper, a hunk of sweet potato, and a handful of collard greens, cut into hand bite size pieces.  I didn’t eat the collards though, the leavea were a lot larger than usual, which I think translated into them being more bitter than usual, making them not so great for eating raw the way I like to do.



Lunch part 2 was, surprise!, a container of chili.  And it held me over quite well until I was home again for dinner (in daylight!, pretty good trade off for the morning darkness).


For dinner I attempted to make a healthified quiche, and it turned out quite well.  First I toasted a slice of honey flaxbread from a Kensington bakery that my roomie requested I help him eat.  I fabricated a perfectly shaped oven dish out of aluminum foil, and set in the quiche crust, the bread was spread with some (very brown) avocado (moisture barrier to keep the bread from getting too soggy).  Then I added some roasted chicken breast and thawed frozen spinach (that I squeezed the water out of), to some well beaten egg whites, poured the mix in the container, sprinkled with a bit of parmesan, and baked until golden (30 min @400).  I just wish I had remembered to oil the foil because I had to be very careful prying the quiche out of its dish.



I enjoyed the quichesque creation with half a green monster (collards, the rest of the bag of frozen spinach, banana, mango, unsweetened vanilla almond breeze) and a handful of grape tomatoes.  I want to see how the monster holds up in the morning, so I know if I can make them ahead of time on a regular basis.




One Response to “Quichesque”

  1. Annie Says:

    I love the veggies in your lunch~ they are so colorful!

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