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Herbs and Spices March 28, 2009


This morning I was faced with a pitiful offering from the fridge and pantry.  I wasn’t really feeling oats so my first breakfast was simply the remaining pepper pieces, some carrot, and the rest of the Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif bar.


After that I started running some errands and came home for second breakfast.  Strawberries, strained plain yogurt, and Cranberry Blueberry Granola.  There was also some unpictured sampling of nuts at the health store, I bought the maple glazed almonds, yum.


Yet more errands later (I was a busy bee today) I fixed myself a simple lunch.  On a bed of spinach was blackberries, kiwi, mushroom slices, and a sprinkle of paprika.  I love fruity salads.   And I also crunched on some FoodShouldTasteGood Chocolate chips.


There was some more chocolate consumption to follow.  Bloomsbury & Co Dark Chocolate, so good.


Late in the day I started fixing myself some dinner.  I tried out two new recipes!  I don’t think I was thinking things through very well though, because although each part of my dinner was delicious and successful by itself, the three dishes didn’t go very well together.  But then I just ate eat part one after another, problem solved :-).

First I baked up some Sweet Beet and Green Bean Garlic Foccacia Bread. I cut the recipe in half, used whole wheat flour instead of white, and italian herbs instead of all the ones listed. It’s a tasty bread, but I wish I had added EVEN MORE garlic. And my garlic cloves sort of disintegrated when I mixed them in so my bread doesn’t look as pretty.

Second, I took my first stab at homemade seitan, and I’m pleased to report a success. I used Vegan Dad’s recipe for Homemade Sausages, but switched the seasoning. I subbed kidney beans for the pintos, applesauce and salt for the soy sauce, and nutmeg, thyme, sage and pepper for the herbage. I was really pleased with the results, but next time I should add some chopped apple too for more apply flavour, and maybe some maple syrup. it seems like an awesome base recipe for many different types of seitan.

The third thing on my plate is a pile of cauliflower pureed with paprika and nutritional yeast. I’m liking the nutritional yeast, I just bought for the first time today for the sausages.

Obviously I also wasn’t paying attention to how un-colourful everything would be put together on the plate. At least I didn’t use the white one! And I went back for seconds of the foccacia.



One Response to “Herbs and Spices”

  1. Sharon Says:

    I love the pretty flowers, now I want to get some! LOL
    And scrumptious eats!

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