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Double BSI Fun! March 30, 2009

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First order of business today, BSI fun! I’ll post up my eats when I get home tonight.

Not only did Mark at Training Fuel choose my egg wrap as last week’s winning recipe (Thanks Mark!), he asked me to be this weeks host. So I got to thinking about what my secret ingredient would be. I kind of wanted to chose canned fish, but I knew that would exclude many vegetarians, and I figured that wasn’t really fair. I also thought about collard greens as they’re my favourite winter veggie, but they’re not so different from kale, a rather recent ingredient.

And then last night, while trying to fall asleep the feature ingredient suddenly came to me. But first I had to double check the list to make sure it hadn’t already been done, I couldn’t quite believe no one’s chosen it before.

Week 25: Training Fuel – Eggs
Week 24: Dinner at Christina’s – Cabbage
Week 23: Hey What’s for Dinner, Mom? – Strawberries
Week 22: One Bite at a Time – Basil
Week 21: Just Sweet Enough – Black Beans
Week 20: What I Ate Yesterday – Kale
Week 19: What’s for Dinner – Orange
Week 18: BranAppetit! – Spinach
Week 17: Tales of Expansion – Dates
Week 16: Biggest Diabetic Loser – Zucchini
Week 15: Sweet & Natural – Peppermint
Week 14: bella eats [and runs] – Ginger
Week 13: Coffee Talk – Walnuts
Week 12: For the Love of Oats – Pumpkin
Week 11: Trying to Heal – Sweet Potatoes
Week 10: The Inner Workings of a College Graduate – Eggplant
Week 9: Itzy’s Kitchen – Pears
Week 8: The Fitnessista – Cranberries
Week 7: Tri to Cook – Lentils
Week 6: Rhodey Girl Tests – Polenta
Week 5: Eating Bender – Butternut Squash
Week 4: Care to Eat – Apples
Week 3: On a Lobster Placemat – Mushrooms
Week 2: Hangry Pants – Tomatoes
Week 1: Sportsnutritionliving – Quinoa

Yep, my ingredient, definitely not on the list, SWEET! (or perhaps SAVOURY!) My choice is the mighty AVOCADO!


After perusing World’s Healthiest Foods I can provide these fast avocado facts:

  • High in Vitamins K, B6, and C, potassium, folate, copper and fiber
  • High in good-for-you monounsaturated fats, mostly oleic acid which may lower cholestrol
  • May help protect against breast, prostate, and oral cancers
  • Help you absorb fat soluble phytonutrients from other vegetables when eaten together.

So how do you like your avocados?

The prize will be a selection of fun products unique to Toronto/Canada that I think more people should try.

You can enter by either posting a link in a comment here or emailing your submission to plentifulplants AT I’ll update a list at the bottom of this entry as I go. As usual, you have until midnight Sunday April 5th to enter (or until I get up Monday morning).

And I know I’m relatively new to the blogging world, so if you’re reading this may you please post a link on your blog to let more people know? Thank you!

The Entries

Anne-Marie’s Banana Avocado Smoothie

Mariannes’s Tostadas

Erin’s Avocado Tempeh Pizza

Biz’s Avocado and Crab Meat Bisque


16 Responses to “Double BSI Fun!”

  1. Krista Says:

    Great BSI pick! I have’t done a BSI since before Christmas….

  2. Christina Says:

    Holy smokes – you’re right! I can’t believe nobody thought of this either. LOOVVEEE avacadoes! Thanks for the great pick! 🙂 Anddd congrats on the win! Your recipe was total genius, I’m gonna have to give it a try!

  3. Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh, totally love this choice! I can’t wait to see what others whip up, because I am always stuck at seeing what to do with it!

  4. biz319 Says:

    Great choice Ruth! I’ll give you a shout out on my blog tonight. 😀

  5. Erin Says:

    I need to get back on the BSI bandwagon with this! I’m avocado obsessed!

  6. brandi Says:

    great ingredient choice! i’ll have to start thinking 🙂

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  8. […] chocolatey flavour that matches perfectly with the fruit in it.  Who ever wins this week’s BSI: Avocado (for which I am eagarly awaiting entries) should expect to get one of these in their prize […]

  9. spiceaholic Says:

    Awesome choice and congrats on the win!

  10. Sweetie Pie Says:

    Congrats on the win, and what an awesome choice!!!

  11. burpexcuzme Says:

    congrats on the BSI win! your egg rolls were amazing.
    truthfully, I dislike avocadoes, but am trying to work on this aversion, so I’m very interested in what ppl come up with. I can’t wait to see all the recipes.

  12. […] don’t forget about BSI this week – tomorrow is the deadline!   Ruth’s pick is avocado!  I plan on making an avocado crab soup tomorrow for my sister-in-law when she comes over for […]

  13. […] is because I went everywhere in the world (i.e. downtown TO) in search of the perfect items for my BSI:Avocado prize pack.  Of course if things keep going at this rate, I’ll get to keep the goodies for […]

  14. Anne-Marie Says:

    I follow the BSI ingredients and recipes through my cousin’s blog, but this is the first time I’m participating because I lovelovelove avocados!

    Here is my recipe:

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