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Sun and warmth! April 5, 2009

This morning I tried out my Dorset Fruit, Nuts, and Seeds cereal as oatmeal. It was so good! I used a bit too much liquid, so I added a handful of plain oatmeal after taking the bowl out of the microwave the first time, but the results were amazing! The fruit plumped up beautifully and added so much flavour to the oats. This stuff is so much better than those packets of instant oatmeal, yet just as fast and easy to make. I made the oatmeal with a mix of water and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze, and added a sliced banana.


Close to lunch time I was feeling like a green monster, so I made a huge one. There was kale, frozen broccoli (I bought it and discovered I hate the texture when it’s cooked, so this is a good way to use it up), frozen mango, frozen blueberries, and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze.


After taking the picture of the blender I added a lot of water to get it to blend properly, and also a banana because it was starting to taste watered down. I really need a better blender…


The Monster was huge! It made 3 glasses worth that I sipped over the course of a couple of hours. I swear the last glass was greener than the first, it wasn’t just the lighting.


Mid-afternoon I snacked on a bowl of Cinnamon Puffins, and tested out some Shasha Co. Spelt Ginger Snaps. The ginger snaps were so good (the puffins too of course)! I picked up a package for the BSI prize pack, but I had only tried the non-spelt variety before, so of course I had to get two packages to try them myself as well. I stopped after only a couple cookies though (they’re small), but I wanted more. I love ginger snaps/cookies/bread.



Dinner featured find number two from the “World’s Most Ridiculous Bulk Food Store”. La Tortilla Factory Multigrain Wraps. 100 calories for a huge wrap with not-too-weird ingredients (but a whole lot of them)? Yes, please. I’ve had the regular whole wheat ones before when I found them on my trip to the Low Carb Grocery last fall, and wasn’t a fan of the funny soy-ish aftertaste. So when I saw soy was lower on the ingredients list of the multigrain variety I figured I would give them a try. I’m glad I did, they are quite good, no funny aftertaste. They have the same chewy/gluteny texture as the whole wheat wraps, but I was expecting it this time around, and I kind of liked it. Though the texture did surprise me the first time I tried the La Tortilla Factory wraps.


I filled my wrap with yellow pepper, jo tsai/garlic chives, and sole pan fried in a little sesame oil. And I paired it was a bowl of grated broccoli stems and carrot that mixed into a slaw with freshly strained plain yogurt and Big Bull Steak Sauce. Good salad combination.


And for dessert during the Mentalist later this evening (Amazing Race isn’t on?) I have find number three from the “World’s Most Ridiculous Bulk Food Store”. A Nutty Banana Boom Probar. I nibbled on the corner after taking the picture and I think I’m in love. Way tastier than just about any other bar I’ve ever tried. Cutting the bar in half makes the price ($3.50) and calories totally worth it. Unfortunately, I have the feeling these are not usually available at the the bulk food store because there were only two flavours there, and they are about to expire. So I have a Kettlecorn Probar to try within the next couple of weeks too, lucky me 🙂


Hopefully by tomorrow morning I’ll have some fun sorting through BSI entries and announcing a winner!


8 Responses to “Sun and warmth!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Oh, I know what you mean about ginger snaps. Anna thins are something I always love to eat!

  2. haya Says:

    i’m new so perhaps i’ve missed something you have already discussed but…what is this world’s most ridiculous bulk store? i’m intrigued. and also, i live in toronto too!

    • plentifulplants Says:

      Yay! Go Toronto! And the “World’s Most Ridiculous Bulk Food Store” is my name for the bulk food store in the basement of St. Lawrence Market. Because I never remember to look at the sign to see what the real name is.

  3. Krista Says:

    I almost bought some Dorset cereal yesterday but the price tag was a tad hefty. Once my cereal stash weens down a bit, I’ll get some! Glad to know that it’s good hot, too!

    I swear my monsters get greener the longer they stand, too!!! 😉

  4. biz319 Says:

    I forgot to mention that my avocado bisque yesterday was a BSI recipe! I just linked to you this morning – hope its not too late! 😀

    Happy Monday!!

  5. Erin Says:

    Thats a lot of green smoothie! They are so good though, I sometimes add too much liquid too. It’s so hard to tell in a big blender!
    How are cinnamon puffins? I’ve only had PB and they are a bit too addictive for me!

    • plentifulplants Says:

      Cinnamon Puffins are like corn bran (or original puffins) but with cinnamon sort of glazed on the outside. I think they’re lightly sweetened too. The cinnamon coating is not puffy like the PB coating is. They’re good, but definitely less addicting than the PB Puffins (I should get some more of those…)

  6. Marianne Says:

    I find that the smoothie takes on a greener hue the longer it stands as well – must have something to do with the chlorophyl escaping the plant cells and mixing in with the rest of the ingredients.

    And Pro Bars are in Canada? Very cool – never seen them around here, but we don’t have the “world’s best bulk store” either!

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