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Back to the City May 4, 2009

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Some times it’s nice not to have much to do at work. As was the case this morning when I took the opportunity to catch up on my Google Reader and started writing this post. It’s amazing how many posts can go up over a weekend!  It ‘s a nice way to extend my mini vacation home.

Now let’s back track to Saturday morning….

My mom so lovingly had a pot of oatmeal on the stove ready for when I got up. They were the best oats I’ve ever had, nice and thick and chewy and natural sweet (she just made them with water). She even have sent the rest of the bag home with me, they came from Hewitt’s Dairy, but I don’t know where they go them from (bulk). I topped my oats with clementines, dried figs, and Danone Creamy Peach yogurt. And it was one of the best bowls of oats I’ve had in a while.


Saturday Lunch was a roast chicken with a big salad, freshly made cranberry relish, potatoes mashed with roasted garlic, chives, and a little fat free sour cream, and my brother’s favourite Stovetop.   There were definitely leftover potatoes, even with the teenage brother at the table.  I had a little chicken and potatos and a lot of salad topped with cranberry relish. The star of the salad was the asparagus I went out and picked from the garden before chopping up the toppings. We also finished off a bottle of Henry of Pelham Gewurztraminer they had open the day before, seriously good wine, Gewurztraminer is one of my favourites.


I didn’t get a picture of dinner but it was “Pad Thai” with salad left over from lunch. My mom can be a bit silly when it come to naming her kitchen creations. They usually get called by the dish they were inspired by, even if the final product is completely different. The “pad thai” was chinese whole wheat noodles that were made to look like rice noddles (and were only about 40% whole wheat) with jo tsai/garlic chives (also from the garden!), shrimp, pork, and some sort of soy saucy sauce. It was delicious, but it definitely was not pad thai. It was like at Christmas when we went to London and rented a house with an Aga stove. She had far too much fun sticking things into the always-on oven and took to heating up slices of bread topped with red pepper pesto and stilton cheese for herself and my siblings for breakfast. They loved it (I don’t like blue cheese), but the creation was most definitely NOT bruschetta. Silly mom, but she knows I love here anyways 🙂

For dessert Saturday night, to celebrate the aforementioned silly mother’s birthday we enjoyed the most amazing cheesecake I’ve ever tasted. I’ll add a disclaimer that I’m not a huge fan of most cheesecakes so my experience is somewhat limited, but this cheese cake was WOW! It was a President’s Choice Dulce de Leche Cheescake, and my slice was worth every calorie. It was creamy and wonderfully caramelly without being too sweet and I loved that there was a huge chunk of crust at the corner instead of too much actual cheesecake, letting everything balance perfectly.

Sunday morning I woke up to a breakfast treat that for some reason I found far too amusing. My younger brother is a baker at Tim Horton’s, and he worked Saturday night. So Sunday morning I enjoyed my special request, a Boston Cream Timbit! Hehehehe…. I ate my mini cream-filled puff with half a 12 grain bagel with strawberry jam, and a bowl of cantaloupe, pineapple, and grapes.




Then the food pictures end for Sunday, but I snapped a couple shots outside before heading back to the city.


The garden has become a funny shape since that my dad planted half of it over with grass. A side effect of downsizing now that my parents will soon have an empty nest.


Some one put out food for a stray cat 6 or 7 years ago, and they’ve stuck around ever since. The current generation isn’t particularly friendly though, I don’t think anyone has ever managed to pet any of the three or four cats currently taking up residence on our veranda.


For Sunday lunch we went out to a restaurant in Chinatown and made an effort to try things we’ve never had before. Highlights were some particularly tasty (though a bit too spicy) lamb grilled with lots of cumin, and a noddle stew dish with goat and freshly made super thick and chewy noodles.

Then Sunday night I wasn’t particularly hungry and just munched on a little cantaloupe and a bit of chicken I had brought from home.

Finally, this morning I started off by finishing the box of Health Valley Spelt Flakes with Cranberries along with Natura unsweetened soy milk and about one quarter teaspoon of sucanat.


The for work I grabbed some more cantaloupe out of the fridge.


And something special my mom fixed up Sunday morning before we left. Its one of my favourite dishes, seaweed (Konbu Kelp I think?) cooked with pork riblets. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter beside the sink helping her tie knots when I was little. Apparently nowadays, not only can you buy this kelp in dried form pre-tied, but you can even by it in wet packs, already soaked! I’m not sure what all went into the pork marinade, but I know it involves soy sauce, ginger, start anise, and something a little bit spicy. And I know it made an excellent, delicious lunch!


I also snacked on a couple handfuls of this tasty, crunchy chinese trail mix.


For dinner tonight I took the vegetable peeler to a zucchini and made some raw pasta. Which I promptly covered in cooked sauce, vidalia onion and mushrooms caramelized with olive oil, fresh oregano and chives (that I stole from the garden at home!). I also sliced up a tomato on top.


And finally for dessert I enjoyed a few very plump and very delicious dried figs.


P.S. Congratulations if you actually read this entire post! If you just scrolled through, I won’t blame you in the least, it’s over 1000 words long! I can’t believe I actually wrote that much! Though now I really don’t feel like doing tags, so I might skip that step tonight….


4 Responses to “Back to the City”

  1. Marianne Says:

    I read the whole thing! 😀

    Your parents’ have a really awesome looking property. I grew up in the ‘burbs, so it’s always nice to see houses out in the country like that. And awesome that they have a veggie garden.

    Looks like you had alot of great eats while you were at home. Those mashed potatoes look pretty spectacular.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Tim Hortons love! That Boston Cream Timbit looks delicious, and so does the delightful chinese trail mix, love love love!

  3. Krista Says:

    Sounds like you had a most fabulous weekend!!! All of your eats are fabulous. I especially like that Timbit! 🙂

  4. Oh my… is that a bottle of Henry of Pelham’s Baco Noir I see?! I LOVE that wine. It’s my favourite wine. They don’t sell it (or any of their wines) in Nova Scotia. Altho’ I can still get it in New Brunswick. Anytime I’m in NB I come back with a case or two.

    Great blog. Lots of great food ideas!

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