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Oopsie May 16, 2009

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So today looks like it’s going to turning into an exceptionally boring blogging day.   I didn’t mean for it to be…but I was abesent-mindedly pushing buttons on my camera trying to do something while talking to the roomie this afternoon….and might have accidentally deleted all the day’s pictures…oops

So breakfast and lunch are picture-less.  For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal with mashed banana, raspberries, sunflower seed butter, and a sliced medjool date.  And for lunch I had a huge romaine salad with the usual veggieful toppings, plus herbed goat cheese, and a few Finncrip rye crispbreads.  Both meals were good, and even rather artfully arranged, but are sadly lost in digital heaven.

I also lost a picture I took of a street I walked along today where EVERYBODY and their neighbour had lilacs growing in their front yards, and it smelled amazing!

The pictures pick back up with a Cinnamon Roll Larabar I had for a snack in the afternoon.  I liked this one, especially the raisins, it was nice to have a different sweetness than the usual dates.


And for dinner I took the lazy way out and picked up some grocery store sushi.  It’s been forever since I’ve had sushi and it hit the spot, I always forget how good the rice is.


And I’m going to try and finish catching up with my Google Reader (I’m up to 9 hours ago, and have been intermittently at it all day!), then relax in bed with this book that was waiting  on the on-hold shelf for me at the library today.  I’m still 12th on the list for Raw Food, Real World though…



4 Responses to “Oopsie”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Oh, what a great idea with checking out the library! I think I am going to scout out to see what is at my local library!

  2. broccolihut Says:

    ED&BV is my FAVORITE cookbook of all time–enjoy it!

  3. Krista Says:

    Cinnamon Roll is my fave Lara bar, too.

    ED&BV is a great cookbook! Hope you enjoy it.

  4. Marianne Says:

    That is some very fresh looking store bought sushi. Yum!

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