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Blend, Baby, Blend and an Impromtu Contest! July 17, 2009

It was so dark out today! Whenever I went to take a picture, the sun was very well hidden, and it kept threatening to start raining (spitting) but never quite came. Or I may have simple changed locations before the rain actually came in some cases.

Anyways, a blender action shot for breakfast. That monster contained a mango, chia seeds, and a whole lot of collard greens.


For lunch I had a salad mess containing cucumber, asparagus, carrot, red pepper and tomato with a Peach Bourbon BBQ sauce topping.


And in the afternoon half a pint of raspberries and a banana dissappeared.


I went to Whole Foods today for the first time in a couple of months, and spent some time browsing, which resulted me in sending too much money, but ending up with lots of fun new things to try. One of those things was a hunk of Marti cheese, which is a raw ewe’s milk cheese that to me tastes kinda like a cross between parmesan and muenster (aka pretty awesome). I used it as a topping for my dinner, a big bowl of blended soup containing zucchini, carrot, lots of red pepper, a couple small dates, thyme, sage, salt, pepper, and olive oil.


And some honeydew for dessert.


Another Whole Food purchase that I just tried is Stash Mint green tea powder. It’s made of regular tea leaves that are ground superfine so they dissolve instantly in cold water for iced tea. Unfortunately, I’m really not a fan, I even dumped out the rest of that glass. Though to be honest, I probably should have known I wouldn’t like it given my distaste for matcha green tea. So if you do like matcha, I say give it try, you’ll probably love it 🙂


So how about a quick, impromptu mini contest? If you do like matcha, or are just curious, leave a comment by Sunday night and I’ll randomly choose 3 people to mail a few packets of Stash Mint Green Tea Powder. I’d like to see some of you readers come out of the woodwork!


4 Responses to “Blend, Baby, Blend and an Impromtu Contest!”

  1. broccolihut Says:

    I’d be interested in giving the green tea powder a try–I love green tea, and I have seen several recipes lately which require this powder.
    PS What kind of blender do you have?

  2. Kat Says:

    I love matcha lattes and matcha in smoothies (there’s a good recipe in one of the Fresh cookbooks – they don’t have it in the restaurant anymore – for a Zenmatcha smoothie: pineapple, banana, soy, matcha, cinnamon – although I usually use water and yogurt instead of soy). But I’m not huge on mint so please don’t send the powder to me. 🙂 That being said, I could see using it to make a yummy mint matcha ice cream, or cookies? I’ve seen recipes for matcha shortbread.

    And I second the question about the blender. My old Braun is slowly dying and I’m wondering what I should upgrade to.

  3. Krista Says:

    What a great way to cut a slice of honeydew!!!

    Love matcha…and I just ran out!

  4. Cindy Says:

    Your blog is great, I love the dedication of your posts and the many pictures that you upload. SYTYCD!!! I know! amazing! I’m just catching up for the TOP 10. Hopefully I’ll get an amazing package in the mail (or in person).

    GREEN TEA fun!

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