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I can see clearly now… July 27, 2009

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Well, the rain isn’t exactly gone, but our windows have finally been (professionally) washed!  This makes the view nicer, though not as nice as if the sun were out 🙂



Still the same ad up there


Breakfast this morning was a tasty monster.  Spinach, wheatgrass, peach, banana, and chia seeds were the perfect start to the day after a late night of of intense boardgames.   I completely failed to bring my camera by the way, I totally thought I had thrown it into my bag but when I got home at 1:30am (I get up for work at 6) it was sitting on a my desk, laughing at me.  And I have no idea how well known this game is known to the general population, but among the UofT crowds I run in, Settlers of Catan is better know as simply the best board game ever created.  Just putting that out there, fyi.


For lunch I had a bed of red leaf lettuce covered with julienned jicama, beet, and sliced carrots, with a generous dollop of pesto.


And for a blurry afternoon snack I had a bit more carrot and some of the best cherries my mouth has ever experienced (organic might have had something to do with it).


And for dinner I fixed up a dippy plate of red pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, Sol falafel patties, dried apricots, and the lemon tahini dip the falafels came with.  The apricots did not get dipped, they were dessert, but everything else was wonderful with that sauce.


Now this tired girls needs to head for the shower, and to bed, seriously.


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