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Long Time No Blogging August 25, 2009

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Hola bloggies!

Sorry for disappearing for a while. I’ve been mad busy both at work and at home what with the impending school year and all. At least I’m happy to report I won the fight for good Arts and Science electives (Intro to Language and Contemporary Architechture if you’re interested) that fit into my timetable AND had room left in them (this was key, engineers get last choice, boo!) plus I found myself a thesis supervisor and have a pretty good idea about the topic. I fixed my computer problems buying a new one (mine was over 4 years old anyways), but then my Internet mysteriously died over the weekend. I asked my roomie to call Rogers though since he’s usually home during the day, so hopefully it should be back soon.

I’ve been spending lots of time with friends, helped by the fact that a ton of historic sites in Toronto are free on the weekends (score for the garbage strike!). And we went one some foodie adventures to the Chinatown festival (authentic takoyaki, bbq lamb, watermelon juice, and my first taste of a churro), I tried gelato fir the first time (shared almond, hazelnut, and pistachio, all YUM), and on a search for dinner one night when we happened on a tasty restaurant, Chimichanga, where I had mexican food for the first time outside of Mexico, and one of my friends had mexican for the first time period (and discovered she loves guacamole!). I’ll have pictures to post once the internet at home works again.

Other than restaurant meals, I’ve been working my way through tons of CSA veggies (corn heaven, and a massive supply of zucchini and green beans), and fruit (figs!, peaches, plums, blueberries) and many green monsters as per usual.

Though I must admit, I’ve kinda enjoyed not blogging for a while, most because I spent a lot of time during the evenings last week writing a huge report about my internship, and was rather “writing-ed” out. Plus there’s the fact that the complete lack of sunlight when I’m eating breakfast and packing lunch, and quickly dwindling light/cloudiness when I get home for dinner does not inspire me to take photos.

But that will all change soon! This is my last week at work (and of commuting for 2.5+ hours a day, yay!), then I have almost 2 weeks of vacation before school starts (my last year!). My first class just has to be on Friday afternoon, talk about a welcome back. But that’s just because I have no class on Thursday (shocking) and I have a tutorial on Friday morning that doesn’t start till the second week. My timetable looks eerily empty this year, partly because fourth year/grad courses tend not to have labs, and they have shorter tutorials, plus one of my courses this fall is thesis (and therefore has no set time on the schedule). There’s only about 15 hours of class time per week compared to the 30+ in first and second years and 25 or so in third year. Although we are just talking class time here, not homework time, and there is the thesis. Let’s just say there should be plenty of time for blogging on the horizon.

I am going home for a bit next week, but after that I should get back to a more regular blogging schedule. However, I’ve been finding myself making big batches of things and eating them over a few meals, which beside being a perfectly enjoyable way to eat, I like both from a time saving stand point, and because it cuts down on stressing about making something different all the time for the blog’s sake. So I think I might switch to post every couple of days and just show you when I make something new? Either way, when life settles down a bit sometime next week, expect to see me back on the blog, I’m starting to miss you all!

Lots of love,



7 Responses to “Long Time No Blogging”

  1. Hila Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Good to hear from you again !
    What’s your e-mail address?
    I want to ask you something and couldn’t find it anywhere in the blog

  2. Krista Says:

    Your back! YAY! I was getting worried…..

  3. broccolihut Says:

    Glad to have you back!

  4. jackie Says:

    I hope you will continue blogging.

  5. Marianne Says:

    Enjoy your break, and we’ll see you when you are back!

  6. Valentie Says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I have to admit that I adore your blog and your photos. I don’t know how I found your blog but by the time I was like “whoa, this is such an ideal healthy foodblog”.
    I just drop by to show you some admiration and please keep it up, girl!!!

  7. Riyazi from all the way down Sri Lanka Says:

    what camera do you use for pics?

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