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High in the Sky September 11, 2009

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Last weekend I convinced my wonderful roomie/best friend to spend his last day off work before school started accompanying me to the CNE Air Show.  I’m an engineering geek.  Planes make me happy.  Especially ones doing cool tricks.  The following are probably more pictures than you care to see (they get bigger too!).  With an inukshuk for good measure.

20090906_128 20090906_131 20090906_134 20090906_136 20090906_137 20090906_140 20090906_141 20090906_142 20090906_143 20090906_144 20090906_146 20090906_147 20090906_150 20090906_151 20090906_152

When we started to tire of the air show, we figured we should make good use of the metropass we bought for the day and head up to a restaurant we’ve both been wanting to try for a while (he actually mentioned it to me first!).  Did anybody guess Live Food Bar?  When we finally sat down for a super late lunch/early dinner we were starving! (we arrived when the kitchen had just closed so we hung out at a nearby Shopper’s Drugmart where I found the Popchips to wait for it to open again).

We both want to try everything!  We finally decided to split a Raw Combo which had a salad with agave mustard dressing (which unfortunately I wasn’t a huge fan of) and sample size portions of lasagne, ravioli (daily special), pizza, and thai spring rolls.  Please excuse the slightly demolished lasgne and a missing raviloi, we were hungry and I almost forgot to grab a picture.  All the dishes were AMAZING, but I especially fell in love with the thai spring rolls, they were phenomenal.  I’m definitely ordering those if/when I go again.  I also particulary liked the buckwheat crust for the pizza, so much so that I went and bought a whole bag of buckwheat the next day to experiment with (the kernels are pretty good all alone!).



After demolishing that appetizer-like plate of food we were brought our mains.  I had a High Vibe Salad which was made mostly of kelp noodles.  It was good, but had a bit too much of the dressing (or maybe I just don’t like cilantro enough).  I rinsed the leftover noodles and goodies and added them to the raw marinara dish from yesterday’s post, which was wonderful.  It was fun seeing the little tails growing out of the mung beans a couple days later.


The roomie ordered some sort of tofu/quinoa fritter dish that doesn’t appear to be on the menu on their website, but he thoroughly enjoyed it too.  I seem to remember there being something special hiding in between those two giant hunks of tofu, but I can not for the life of me recall what it might have been.  And he’s not home right now for me to ask him what it was called.  I had a bite of the fritter and it was tasty, though surprisingly soft and mushy inside.


Live was wonderful, everything I was hoping it would be.  It was just too bad we were too full for dessert!  I suppose this means there must be a next time!

And to show some more veggie love, this was my dinner tonight, after coming home from a long arduous 3 hour long school week :). I don’t even have class again until 5pm Monday.


I massaged the kale with salt, lemon juice, dill, and hazelnut oil my mom gave me a sample of which she picked up at Soiree Quebec a while ago.  The hazelnut oil was fantastic, so flavourful! Luckily the sample is quite large – 100ml.  I’m just scared to investigate how much it costs to buy a whole bottle.  And yes, I did eat out of the mixing bowl to save on dishes.


One Response to “High in the Sky”

  1. Krista Says:

    I was totally bummed when I realized that I’d forgotten about the air show. I really wanted to take Noah this year. 😦

    Guess where I went for dinner last night??? LIVE!! I almost ordered the Thai Spring rills, but went with something else. Check out my bloag later on tonight to see! 😉 I was uber proud of my meat eating man….he actually really enjoyed his vegan meal!! 🙂

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