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Sea Greens and Berries September 14, 2009

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Anyone know what these are?  I’ve never had them before.  But my roomie tells me they make excellent pie.


Under the right circumstances they remind me of a winter forest.  They also made a tasty lunch dessert.


Yet another unusual CSA goody, these elderberries were wonderful following a salad featuring on of my recent obsessions.  Seaweed.  Corn too, but seaweed is the theme for this post.  My tasty salad was made of raw corn, tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, red onion, lime juice, and kombu kelp.


Seaweed has also found its way into another new grocery purchase, Hatcho miso paste.  Ive had the tasty soup with both kombu.


And wakame.  I love that both these seaweeds rehydrate super fast in a little warm water, like one or two minutes, then are ready to go.


And of course dulse has still been finding its way onto salads of the leafy green sort.  This one was with more hazelnut oil massaged kale.  And corn of course, tis the season.


Have you taken the sea veggie plunge?


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