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Breakfast, Dinner, and Dessert in One August 3, 2009

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Breakfast this morning was a simple green monster of pak choi and an apple that had been sitting on the counter for a couple weeks because I thought it was my roomie’s, but he assured me that I had bought it.  I think he just didn’t want to bother cutting off the bruises himeself :).


For lunch I spent some time with the mandoline and topped a bed of shredded cabbage and spring mix with dulse, Live rosemary onion crackers, green onion, and beet and lime.


Later in the afternoon I had a delightful glass of banana soft serve topped with crunchy walnuts.


The for dinner I wanted somthing bready and breakfasty, so I mixed up a mini batch of Blueberry Carob pancakes from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, using cocoa powder instead of carob, blueberries inside, and black raspberries and maple syrup on the outside.  I figured some veggies would be good, so I paired it with some cucumber and carrot, Marianne-style.  The maple syrup was creeping over to the cucumber, and I discovered it makes rather nice dipping sauce.



One of the Pink Flavours August 2, 2009

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So before I get to today’s eats, I have to back track to the movies last night. We stuck around for two movies, and there’s something to say about each one. First, we saw The Ugly Truth. It was a fun movie, but most importantly, I found a sign that I’ve been reading too many food blogs. I noticed that Katherine Heigl was sipping Synergy Kombucha near the beginning of the movie. One of the pink flavours. Of course the day before she was drinking Red Bull, and the next day it was coffee, but still, kombucha product placement in a hollywood movie was not something I was expecting to see. Second thing of note, Funny People is hands down the best movie I’ve ever seen. Granted, my movie watching experience is probably pretty limited compared to the average person, but for me, this movie was the perfect combination of smart and silly comedy mixed with a good story that made 2.5 hours (after already seeing The Ugly Truth!) fly by and left me wishing it would just go on. Seriously, go see it, it’s awesome.

Now, for a cheery breakfast. Blueberries, plums, and pecans. 🙂


Lunch I roasted up some potato and beet with olive oil and italian herbs, and had that along with a carrot and a cucumber.


Later in the afternoon I had a delicious green monster made of pak choi, chia seeds, pineapple, and banana. The fruit was frozen so it was the perfect thing to cool off in an apartment that I had managed to heat up with the oven earlier.


Then for a late dinner I heated up some Sol falafel patties with lemon tahini sauce, and pair it with a super simple, and super tasty slaw made of shredded cabbage and Ted Reader’s Peach and Bourbon BBQ sauce.



Fantastic Fish August 1, 2009

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I got up super late this morning, so breakfast/brunch was a green monster made of vanilla rice protein powder, banana and pak choi (asian green that looks and tastes like it’s trying to be baby dino kale to me, but the person at the CSA stand seemed pretty confident even though it was the only bunch there)


Later I took a little left over smoothie, and mixed in a couple tablespoons of chia seeds to make a rather fantastic pudding.


And a bit later I had a Starbucks Peach and Raspberry yogurt parfait.


For dinner I cooked up what is probably to best piece of fish I’ve ever cook. I had a wild tuna fillet from Whole Foods hiding out in the freezer for a while, so I took it out to defrost yesterday, and today I rubbed it with a mixture of curry powder, sucanat, and salt. Then I seared it in a hot pan with olive oil, just until the rub started to brown (less than a minute on each side). The result was fantastic! I loved the curry and sugar combo, and it went perfectly with a bed of spring mix tossed in orange juice concentrate, and carrot and peas.


Now I’m headed for the movies and I’m taking this Pistachio Larabar with me.



Ode To The Root July 31, 2009

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There was next to no sunlight when I got up this morning, so you get a blender shot of breakfast. I used up a bit of mango, a peach, and banana with spinach and beet greens. I don’t think I’m a huge fan of beet greens in the green monster. I had lots of fruit this morning which hid it pretty well, but under normal circumstances they’re kinda super earthy tasting.


For lunch I topped a pile of spring mix with sliced leeks, red pepper, avocado, lime juice, tomato paste, and pesto. I’m liking the raw leeks, this happy discovery will be seen many times in the future, I’m sure.


I pick up some CSA goodies! All local, and organic carrots, cabbage, green onions, pak choi, kale, spring mix, cucumbers, yellow zucchini, peas, potatoes, and black raspberries (love these! we have some bushes at home and black > red raspberries any day). Ignore the oat crackers and rye bread in the back, those are the roomie’s stuff. Said roomie also went home a couple days ago, and when he came back last night, he had paid a visit to MY parents and brought me beets (only the roots, silly mom) and peas from their garden (as well as his favourite strawberry jam and frozen chinese dumplings made by my mom).


Dinner was a root veggie filled affair. I started off with a rather pretty looking salad of spring mix, beet, carrot, and blanched peas.


Then I had some fries with ketchup. I just sliced up a potato, tossed it in olive oil and italian herbs, and baked.


And dessert was the last of the awesome cherries. And some unpictured raisins later in the evening.


And now it’s the long weekend! Yay! But I have to write a school report during it, boo!


Pink To The Brim July 30, 2009

You know a watermelon is good when it disappears in a little over 24 hours, and you’re the only on eating it. This was my breakfast.


Then later in the morning I snacked on a peach, a plum, and a carrot. I had some walnuts too, that I added as an afterthought after the picture was taken and I was heading out the door.


Lunch was a very Gliding Calm inspired salad, a ton of spring mix, broccoli and red pepper, with some beet and dulse hiding underneath, along with a squirt of lime juice. Dulse is seriously tasty stuff, you should try it if you haven’t yet.


When I got home I finished off the watermelon. As good as it was yesterday, it’s even better COLD from the fridge!


For dinner I found the cucumber I got last week, which had fallen to the back/bottom of the fridge, so I sliced it up and marinated it for a bit in sesame oil, red wine vinegar, and salt. Along with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, it was a wonderful bread topper. I also went back for a couple more slice of ezekiel bread with a smear of raspberry jam, but skipped the camera step.


Now to find out who’s in the SYTYCD finale!


Pesto Pasta Perfection July 29, 2009

I started the morning off a little differently today with a couple slices of ezekiel bread and a banana, opened the other way.


Then later in the morning I snacked on some lovely cherries, and the last of my peas.


Then for lunch I had one of the best zucchini pasta creations yet. Over julienned zucchini and leeks I poured a mixture of tomato paste, pesto, water, and the last of my Marti cheese. Absolutely perfect flavour combination.


And then I snacked on some Live Food Bar Nachos. Love these too.


When I got home I dove into a big old hunk of watermelon.


And I just made this big salad to be enjoyed along with SYTYCD. My bowl is filled with red leaf lettuce, carrot, red pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, and a dressing made of mustard, Big Bull steak sauce, apple cider vinegar, and honey.



Weirdest Sandwich Ever July 28, 2009

I’m starting to notice (at least when it’s not cloudy) the the sunn is rising later and later.  My breakfast and lunch pictures turned out quite dim.  But they still look better this way than with flash.  My morning monster is a mix of spinach, mango, peach, and chia seeds.


For lunch I threw together a giant salad containing red leaf lettuce, red pepper, broccoli, dulse, avocado, lime juice, Marti cheese, pumpkin seeds, and peas.


And in the afternoon I munched on a couple of plums, and juicy raspberries.


Then for dinner I made the weirdest sandwich I’ve ever seen, that turned out to be wonderfully delicious.  Inbetween two slices of ezekiel bread is peanut butter, thinly sliced beet root, tomato paste, and a big ol’ stack of beet greens. Peanut butter, beet, and tomato, a wonderful combination, who knew? (well, I kinda had an inkling, which is why I made it…).  And on the side was red pepper strips and a pile of plump cherries.


How about a sandwich innard close up?